One evening last December, Dani and I sat down with a bottle of wine and started talking to each other. At that point in our relationship, about 3 years married, I had passively lost myself in cultivating our band and our videography business, something that continues to be an extremely difficult pattern for both of us, especially me. We pursued both of these ventures together and lived in a one-bedroom apartment, too. We were always around each other, but were rarely emotionally together. There was always a lot to talk about, but our words were usually concerned with circumstance. This conversation felt different.

We explored our emotions, meta-emotions, fears, anxieties, and each other’s patterns of thought and behavior; it was a very rich and life-giving conversation. We came to the conclusion that for a while, we had been unconsciously allowing circumstance to determine the dynamic of our relationship, instead of holding it sacred, cherishing it, cultivating it. It was a sad but important realization. At some point during the evening, I picked up my guitar and started playing a warm chord progression that I’d had for a while but had never actualized. In the next couple hours, we wrote the song “My Lover” in it’s entirety; a song that for us, speaks to the importance of taking a step back, widening the lens, and taking a moment to look each other in the eyes and remember that we’re all we’ve got.**


** And then we boned.



Our single "My Lover" has officially released and is available now through the links below! We recorded this video only a few days after writing the song. We hope you enjoy it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support. We love you all. See you soon.

 Zack, Dani, Brian, Andy, & Jesse




Birdtalker's new single "My Lover"  is available now for streaming and purchase.